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Wind Data

Wind data is collected in hourly increments averaged over 60 minutes. The instrument we are using is a Campbell Scientific Met One 034B Wind Set comprised of a 3-cup anemometer and a vane. The instrument is mounted about 2.5m above ground and is connected to a CR1000 data logger also from Campbell Scientific. Data is collected every 3-4 days and then transmitted to "home-base". The data is published at the end of every month.

While the WindRose graphics show data accumulated over a entire month thus allowing for some statistics, note that the data set only includes valid data points and that missing data is ignored. The data is public domain and no permission needed for download. We do however kindly ask that you acknowledge the source of the data using the following citation:


Piasecki M., (2017), "Hydroclimatological Data for Leogane, Haiti", PIWAREC Research Efforts in Haiti, July, 2017,

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