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Dr. Marie-Helene CORMIER

Research Associate

Graduate School of Oceanography

University of Rhode Island


Milene, together with her American and Haitian colleagues, is interested in mapping active structures along the North American - Caribbean plate boundary. On January 12, 2010, a segment of that plate boundary ruptured in a devastating earthquake near Leogane, but the segment that extends through Port-au-Prince and eastward to Lake Azuei has not ruptured since 1751. The team visited Lake Azuei in Haiti in early 2017 to collect seismic and sonar profiles as well as a few cores, and expanded  on our 2013 effort to map out the bathymetry. Their research efforts are documented at: 



Department of Mechanical Engineering

City College of New York - CUNY


Jorge is interested in understanding how the Caribbean climate works and what impacts it has on the islands. While being a Mechanical Engineer he is really a climatologist who runs large Meso-scale climate models to hind- and forecast climate scenarios. For Hispaniola his focus has been on Lake Enriquillo (and because of proximity, Lake Azuei as well) and the dramatic lake expansion. To this end he has deployed numerous sensor lines in the mountain slopes around the lake. His research efforts are documented at:

Prof. Hillary BROWN


Spitzer School of Architecture

City College of New york - CUNY


Hillary is an architect who is interested in looking for the next generation infrastructure designs that are self sustainable, carbon neutral, and also are applicable for developing countries. She has been working on improvement projects for small communities in Haiti. Our connection point has been the issue of "water" be it for consumption, irrigation, pump water storage, energy production, or use water for business use. An example of her research efforts is documented at: 

More on Hillary


Dr. Yolanda LEON


Biology Department

Instituto Tecnologico de Santo Domingo


Yolanda is interested in research projects related to the conservation and monitoring of endangered species and ecosystems as well as land use/land cover change and its drivers in the Dominican Republic. At INTEC she heads research projects and teaches biology at the undergraduate level and geographic information systems at the graduate level. She is also part of the directive board of Grupo Jaragua, an NGO working for the conservation of biodiversity of Hispaniola Island in collaboration with local communities.



Department of Sociology

Drexel University


Mimi research interests include sustainable mobility and mobility justice, caribbean studies and mobilities, and tracing the histories and forecasting the futures of cultures of mobility. She has been in Haiti on several occasions accompanying "Water Researchers" both in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake and then again in 2013. During this time she interviewed numerous people in the vicinity of the lake to understand how people cope, who is doing what to help, and what the consequences are for the affected individuals. More of Mimi's research is documented here:

More on Mimi


Engineer & Principal

Bureau M2

Utrecht, The Netherlands


Margo's ...





More of Margo's research is documented here:

More on Margo


Advisor & Former Board Member

Haiti Reforestation Partnership
Board Member Fondasyon CODEP 

North Carolina


John has been involved in the CODEP effort for many years. CODEP's core mission is to reforest (as much as is possible) the mountains above Leogane in ways that not only benefits the environment but also brings economic development and opportunities to the people in the region; the latter being a necessary key ingredient to the success to this effort. John has written extensively about his experiences to help lead this effort in "Mountain Majesty" which is testament to the learning process chronicling failures and successes. 

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